How it Rated: 96%

Medical-grade consistency in temperature and quality. Herbalizer isn’t for casual smokers, but it’s the best vaporizer for your money if you use medical cannabis on a regular basis.
Value: 10
$729 is a big investment, but you’ll save that in the long-term. The bowl is about 1/2 the size of Volcano’s, and I load less than .1 gram of finely ground herb. It’s very efficient, even more than Magic Flight since Herbie’s computer heat sensor responds so quickly and keeps air temperatures steady and consistent throughout inhalation and fan blowing.
Ease of use: 10
Fast and accurate temperature controls are easy to use with plus and minus buttons. Buttons are all easy to press and see in the dark. The LCD is a welcome addition as color helps show the temperature ranges and heating/cooling indicators. Also the random start-up messages are details that give Herbie a personality.
Design: 9
The design is clean, modern and inoffensive. Inside looks like nicely designed hospital equipment. Design detail: the magnetic bowl works really well. I took a point off for some minor design flaws like the clam shell not locking/closing shut and the rubber mouth piece on the bag feeling not as high quality and leak-proof as the Volcano mouth piece unit.
Durability: 9
I keep saying it’s medical-grade because it feels sturdy and reliable. The pieces are well-considered and the NASA engineering claims are true, Herbalizer has a lot of time into the production and design of these vapes.
Setup: 10
1. Plug it in and push on. Don’t miss the fun random message on the screen! 2. Press the vapor therapy button. 3. Set your temp and fill a bag with the fan button. 4. Medicate. We prefer bags, but the setup process is easy for whips or aromatherapy, too.
Loading: 10
The little ceramic herb basket is well-designed and coated in rubber so it’s easier to touch when hot. Screw/twist it open/closed in a half turn or so. I load between .05 and .1 grams per bowl and can get 2-3 bags of effective vapor.
Hits: 10
Unmatched. I’ve had other friends try Herbie in the last few weeks and they can’t believe the feeling. It’s much stronger than other vaporizers because the temperature heater is so close to the herb, but also so tightly regulated. The effects are very strong and potent. Use with caution! Volcano bags aren’t as heavily-filled.
Clean-up: 10
Emptying the bowl is a snap, sometimes you need to use the brush, sometimes you don’t. If you’re lazy just close the lid and clean up next time. Or try for another bowl later!
Efficiency: 10
Herbie appears to be as efficient as the Magic Flight Launch Box, which is known for being among the most efficient vapes around. I’ve done over 30 hours of research online and other people appear to have the same results, Herbie is super efficient. Some people use .03-.05 grams of herb in a bowl and feel great.
Maintenance: 8
Use the nice cleaning brush when the bowl is hot and you’ll have no problem keeping the basket clean. Replace screens as needed, but usually swapping the top and bottom screens and using the vape a few times will blow it clean. Regularly clean the whip tube and bowl stem area, but that’s fairly lite. Bags last a while, but become too sticky at a certain point and are no good. Also the connection to the rubber mouth piece may leak before the bag is done. Volcano makes better bags as of this review.

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