How to Use the Herbalizer

Grind your herbs a medium to fine grind works great in the Herbalizer.

Fill the bowl half way or less, overfilling makes it harder to stir and work less efficiently.

Place the bowl over the heating element and the magnet will lock in place.

Set the temperature between 290-445 degrees — see how fast it reacts! 290 degrees is ready instantly, and fully heated from a cold start takes about 7 seconds; impressive compared to 3-5 minutes for most other vapes like the Volcano and Da Buddha.

Press the fan button and wait 90 seconds to inflate the bag.

Inhale and enjoy the cool vapors. The fan stops automatically, or you can press it to toggle on/off.

Or use the whip with or without fan assistance and inhale.

The fan + whip delivers a steady stream of vapor which is perfect for people with lung and breathing problems who need assistance.

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