Herbalizer Vaporizer Review

Medical patients know consistency is hard to achieve, but Herbalizer changes that with near-instant temperature adjustments and versatility, making it the best medical-grade vaporizer.
Since 2001 the Classic Volcano has been the desktop vaporizer of choice. Then the Digit set the standard for precise temperature controls on a desktop vape in 2007. Now the Herbalizer raises the bar for desktop vaporizers with what they call “the world’s first smartvape.”

Very fast relief

Herbalizer is ready faster than any other plug-in we’ve tested — 7 seconds from a cold start to max temperature (445 degrees) and the manual says to expect 17 seconds. If you seek a low temperature for more uplifting effects the Herbalizer is ready when you press the “vaportherapy” button; get instantly medicated. Feeling nauseated or having a seizure? Flip on Herbie and get fast relief using the whip tube.

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