Volcano vs Herbalizer

How does the newcomer Herbalizer stack up against the old champ Volcano?

Cost Winner: Volcano
Volcano only slightly wins because the Digit is about $50 cheaper.Herbalizer isn’t cheap, but it’s a long-term investment that pays for itself because of the efficiency.
Versatility Winner: Herbalizer
Volcano fills bags quicker, and the bags are nicer than Herbies, but you can’t use oils and concentrates without problems that are both messy and damaging to the Volcano.Bag, whip, or just fill the room with vapor if you want. Dry flower herbs or concentrates like oils and waxes, the Herbalizer is really different because of these features. There are cheaper alternatives like the Extreme Q that offers both whip and bag, but the build quality isn’t even close to comparable in terms of medical-grade.
Efficiency Winner: Herbalizer
Volcano is known for being a model of efficiency. But the bowl is twice as large and uses considerably more herb, which sometimes you don’t need or want in a sitting.The Herbalizer bowl is designed for small loads, it’s about half the size of the Volcano basket but seemingly even more potent. You’ll be saving even more herb over the long-term, even in a few months it adds up.
Medical use Winner: Herbalizer
Volcano is a solid device, but it looks like a space toy, it draws attention to itself and isn’t exactly a low-key medical device. It’s great for getting high with groups of friends, but overkill for medicating by yourself.More consistent air temperature due to advanced electronics. Also the amazing feature for medical herbs users to blow off the THC and just vape medicine that’s rich in CBD without having to buy special strains of Charlotte’s Web.
The Winner
If you want a vaporizer that can get a group of your friends high, get a Volcano, it fills bags faster. But if you need a medical-grade device that’s made for daily use in consistent doses, then Herbalizer is the clear winner.

The Stats
can use both dry herb flowers and oils/waxes/concentrates
whip or bag style
fastest desktop warm-up we’ve ever seen, ready-to-vape in 0-7 seconds
mini computer: 16bit, 32mhz, 256kb ram, color LCD display
fine temperature control: 290-445°F
5 year warranty
Dimensions: 3½ inches tall, 6.7 inches wide, ⅞ 8½ inches long • weighs less than 2½ pounds

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