Volcano vs Herbalizer

How does the newcomer Herbalizer stack up against the old champ Volcano?

Cost Winner: Volcano
Volcano only slightly wins because the Digit is about $50 cheaper.Herbalizer isn’t cheap, but it’s a long-term investment that pays for itself because of the efficiency.
Versatility Winner: Herbalizer
Volcano fills bags quicker, and the bags are nicer than Herbies, but you can’t use oils and concentrates without problems that are both messy and damaging to the Volcano.Bag, whip, or just fill the room with vapor if you want. Dry flower herbs or concentrates like oils and waxes, the Herbalizer is really different because of these features. There are cheaper alternatives like the Extreme Q that offers both whip and bag, but the build quality isn’t even close to comparable in terms of medical-grade.
Efficiency Winner: Herbalizer
Volcano is known for being a model of efficiency. But the bowl is twice as large and uses considerably more herb, which sometimes you don’t need or want in a sitting.The Herbalizer bowl is designed for small loads, it’s about half the size of the Volcano basket but seemingly even more potent. You’ll be saving even more herb over the long-term, even in a few months it adds up.
Medical use Winner: Herbalizer
Volcano is a solid device, but it looks like a space toy, it draws attention to itself and isn’t exactly a low-key medical device. It’s great for getting high with groups of friends, but overkill for medicating by yourself.More consistent air temperature due to advanced electronics. Also the amazing feature for medical herbs users to blow off the THC and just vape medicine that’s rich in CBD without having to buy special strains of Charlotte’s Web.
The Winner
If you want a vaporizer that can get a group of your friends high, get a Volcano, it fills bags faster. But if you need a medical-grade device that’s made for daily use in consistent doses, then Herbalizer is the clear winner.

The Stats
can use both dry herb flowers and oils/waxes/concentrates
whip or bag style
fastest desktop warm-up we’ve ever seen, ready-to-vape in 0-7 seconds
mini computer: 16bit, 32mhz, 256kb ram, color LCD display
fine temperature control: 290-445°F
5 year warranty
Dimensions: 3½ inches tall, 6.7 inches wide, ⅞ 8½ inches long • weighs less than 2½ pounds

What’s this game-changing feature?

Simple technology that lets medical herbs users blow off the THC (using the fan at specific temperatures) and so you’re just left with medicine that’s rich in CBD without having to buy special strains of herbs like Charlotte’s Web (which is sold out everywhere and very hard to come by). This medical point can’t be overstated for users who need this medicine daily: people with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) or Epilepsy will really appreciate this one-of-a-kind feature.

“Earlier this afternoon I found myself in a position where I needed to medicate, but couldn’t be high. So what did I do? I loaded the Herbalizer and turned the fan on at 415F until I didn’t see any vapor blowing out. Then I upped the temp to 445F and filled a bag. It effectively medicated my body with minimal cerebral effect. Thank you, Herbie.”
Control and consistency
Control is only one part of delivering consistent temperature. The Volcano can’t react like Herbie’s fine heat sensor, because as the bag fills, or as you pull air using the whip, Herbalizer smartly detects minor changes in temperature and makes micro adjustments, so you’re getting very consistent and dialed in heat to match the airflow. This is where the nickname smartvape comes from, because our friend Herbie is the first vaporizer to maintain such tightly consistent temperatures; this is a medical-grade feature you expect from hospital-quality equipment.

Herbie temperatures can be tightly controlled between 290F and 445F, but the huge deal is how Herbie responds to temp changes in airflow, no matter the speed of inhale, the temperatures are so precise you can target specific herbs based on their boiling points for really dialed in medical effects ranging from uplifting mental highs, to balanced in the middle, to intense body highs.
“Having the laser-like temperature control opens up some exciting possibilities, such as boiling off compounds at 350F using the fan assist and then vaping only the higher boilers, isolating precisely the desired compounds and effects. It could be done before, but not with this level of precision and repeatability. More than any vape I’ve used before it felt like I was using a scientific instrument or medical device. Or maybe a Star Trek prop. Vapor production from the unit was excellent. Extremely consistent, dense and flavorful.”
The Downsides
The high-pitched fan isn’t silent, especially if you’re used to silent vapes like the Magic Flight or Pax, but it’s hard to call Herbie noisy, the Volcano is much louder vs the Herbalizer. Regular use requires light but regular cleaning of the tubes and bowl to keep things humming along smoothly. Not a big deal, but other vaporizers with fewer features require less maintenance.

Here is a nice summary of cleaning the Herbalizer. I’m writing an article about how to properly clean Herbie for maximum efficiency.

“Herbie is a snap to clean. Bags don’t get cleaned and re-used. I use the same bag on Volcano for almost a year now. When bags are done serving purpose and are retired they are great to clean and reclaim. The other parts use Iso… The chamber itself should not need cleaning unless abused. The way it heats lets you empty it of dry abv, and there is not tackiness left. You can use Iso wipes.. or an Iso rinse, but nothing there needs to be “soaked” in Iso. The silicone whip, after pulling out any beads of resin from inside, can be rinsed and agitated in Iso (not soaked), and then washed out with dish soap and hot water before being rinsed well and vacuumed dry. Some folks love to whine about “Soap… yucK!”, but those are the steps I take and my silicone and all tubing lasts longer than anyones that I know. Invariably folks in person say it feels and tastes clean too.”

How it Rated: 96%

Medical-grade consistency in temperature and quality. Herbalizer isn’t for casual smokers, but it’s the best vaporizer for your money if you use medical cannabis on a regular basis.
Value: 10
$729 is a big investment, but you’ll save that in the long-term. The bowl is about 1/2 the size of Volcano’s, and I load less than .1 gram of finely ground herb. It’s very efficient, even more than Magic Flight since Herbie’s computer heat sensor responds so quickly and keeps air temperatures steady and consistent throughout inhalation and fan blowing.
Ease of use: 10
Fast and accurate temperature controls are easy to use with plus and minus buttons. Buttons are all easy to press and see in the dark. The LCD is a welcome addition as color helps show the temperature ranges and heating/cooling indicators. Also the random start-up messages are details that give Herbie a personality.
Design: 9
The design is clean, modern and inoffensive. Inside looks like nicely designed hospital equipment. Design detail: the magnetic bowl works really well. I took a point off for some minor design flaws like the clam shell not locking/closing shut and the rubber mouth piece on the bag feeling not as high quality and leak-proof as the Volcano mouth piece unit.
Durability: 9
I keep saying it’s medical-grade because it feels sturdy and reliable. The pieces are well-considered and the NASA engineering claims are true, Herbalizer has a lot of time into the production and design of these vapes.
Setup: 10
1. Plug it in and push on. Don’t miss the fun random message on the screen! 2. Press the vapor therapy button. 3. Set your temp and fill a bag with the fan button. 4. Medicate. We prefer bags, but the setup process is easy for whips or aromatherapy, too.
Loading: 10
The little ceramic herb basket is well-designed and coated in rubber so it’s easier to touch when hot. Screw/twist it open/closed in a half turn or so. I load between .05 and .1 grams per bowl and can get 2-3 bags of effective vapor.
Hits: 10
Unmatched. I’ve had other friends try Herbie in the last few weeks and they can’t believe the feeling. It’s much stronger than other vaporizers because the temperature heater is so close to the herb, but also so tightly regulated. The effects are very strong and potent. Use with caution! Volcano bags aren’t as heavily-filled.
Clean-up: 10
Emptying the bowl is a snap, sometimes you need to use the brush, sometimes you don’t. If you’re lazy just close the lid and clean up next time. Or try for another bowl later!
Efficiency: 10
Herbie appears to be as efficient as the Magic Flight Launch Box, which is known for being among the most efficient vapes around. I’ve done over 30 hours of research online and other people appear to have the same results, Herbie is super efficient. Some people use .03-.05 grams of herb in a bowl and feel great.
Maintenance: 8
Use the nice cleaning brush when the bowl is hot and you’ll have no problem keeping the basket clean. Replace screens as needed, but usually swapping the top and bottom screens and using the vape a few times will blow it clean. Regularly clean the whip tube and bowl stem area, but that’s fairly lite. Bags last a while, but become too sticky at a certain point and are no good. Also the connection to the rubber mouth piece may leak before the bag is done. Volcano makes better bags as of this review.

How to Use the Herbalizer

Grind your herbs a medium to fine grind works great in the Herbalizer.

Fill the bowl half way or less, overfilling makes it harder to stir and work less efficiently.

Place the bowl over the heating element and the magnet will lock in place.

Set the temperature between 290-445 degrees — see how fast it reacts! 290 degrees is ready instantly, and fully heated from a cold start takes about 7 seconds; impressive compared to 3-5 minutes for most other vapes like the Volcano and Da Buddha.

Press the fan button and wait 90 seconds to inflate the bag.

Inhale and enjoy the cool vapors. The fan stops automatically, or you can press it to toggle on/off.

Or use the whip with or without fan assistance and inhale.

The fan + whip delivers a steady stream of vapor which is perfect for people with lung and breathing problems who need assistance.

Herbalizer Vaporizer Review

Medical patients know consistency is hard to achieve, but Herbalizer changes that with near-instant temperature adjustments and versatility, making it the best medical-grade vaporizer.
Since 2001 the Classic Volcano has been the desktop vaporizer of choice. Then the Digit set the standard for precise temperature controls on a desktop vape in 2007. Now the Herbalizer raises the bar for desktop vaporizers with what they call “the world’s first smartvape.”

Very fast relief

Herbalizer is ready faster than any other plug-in we’ve tested — 7 seconds from a cold start to max temperature (445 degrees) and the manual says to expect 17 seconds. If you seek a low temperature for more uplifting effects the Herbalizer is ready when you press the “vaportherapy” button; get instantly medicated. Feeling nauseated or having a seizure? Flip on Herbie and get fast relief using the whip tube.